16 July 2010

Caption Contest No. 2: 'TOC Me Out to the Ball Game!"

  • "Hey, why is there a little mound of dirt under the floor of my tent?"
  • "That barbed wire should prevent ANYONE from stealing third!"
  • "Clearly, yesterday's tactical tailgating party got a little out of hand ..."
  • "Look at the size of that pitching machine! And it's radar-guided!"
Add your suggested captions in the comments section to this post!


  1. -"Mister, could you ask the people in the SCIF to give us our ball back."

    -Anything past the shitters is a ground rule double.

    -Scores will be announces via FPIR on Blue Force Tracker

  2. How about:"Did any of you REMFs read that friggen' sign over there?"

  3. Media Day at the Camp Ripley beer-league softball finals has really gotten out of control...


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