01 April 2011

Keeping Up with the Red Bull

Red Bull soldiers from the Iowa and Nebraska Army National Guards continue to make news in Afghanistan this spring, thanks in part to efforts such as those by Des Moines (Iowa) Register, the Omaha World-Herald, the KCRG-TV9/Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Gazette, and others.

Here's a quick Public Service Announcement on behalf of the embattled Fourth Estate: Buy their newspapers. Send editors and producers thank-you letters. You can even "like" them on Facebook. Let them all know you're reading and watching, and that you appreciate and support their coverage. Freedom isn't free, and neither is journalism.

In addition to explaining the missions and experiences of U.S. citizen-soldiers, the media has illuminated three significant ongoing stories this spring:
  • In more-upbeat news, the continued rotation of soldiers home on 15 days of mid-tour military leave.

Helicopter-borne combat operations in Laghman Provice

Tracking the progress of injured soldiers

Visits home while on leave from Afghanistan

Homecoming stories are typically warm and emotional, and this recent KCRG-TV9/Cedar Rapids Gazette story certainly is no different, save for one little detail: It may just be the best such story ever.


  1. Another excellent story that you overlooked was a story by KCRG's Mark Geary and the Gazette featuring communication from the battlefield which is a story about communications of soldiers with their loved ones who are serving in Afghanistan. This story also highlights a blog feed which is shared on the DMR National Guard website. The article can be found here:


  2. I'm on hiatus for at least the next two weeks. I've directed my readers over to you, and have cross posted the info over at the LA Times inner blog. -K


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