13 December 2011

Nat'l Guard Slogans for the Next 375 Years?

The U.S. National Guard celebrates its 375th birthday today!

First established in 1636 by the Massachusetts General Court in Salem, your friendly neighborhood militia predates the U.S. Army (June 14, 1775), Navy (Oct. 13, 1775), and Marines (Nov. 10, 1775).

Bonus trivia: Perhaps in keeping with the modern tradition of conducting drills on weekends, Dec. 13, 1636 fell on a Saturday.

In honor of this day, here's a quick list of possible National Guard recruiting slogans for the next 375 years, suitable for fish wrap, T-shirts, and bumper stickers:
  • "The National Guard: You can't go to war without us!"
  • "Freedom isn't free, but it can be a part-time job!"
  • "The National Guard: Freedom's first-responders!"
  • "The National Guard: 'Citizens' before 'soldiers.'"
  • "The National Guard: Defending the Homeland since before there was one."
  • "The National Guard: The most fun you can have while wearing cargo pants."
And, finally, a suggestion specific to the National Guard's 34th Infantry "Red Bull" Division units, which proudly graze (when not deployed overseas) in the American midwest:


  1. how about this:
    "The Army National Guard- 375 years of tradition unchanged by progress."

  2. Outstanding! A couple of other readers have also sent these suggestions:

    - "The National Guard: 54 states and territories can't be wrong!"

    - "The National Guard: Home-grown anti-terrorists."

    - "The National Guard: 375 years of fighting progress!"


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