02 August 2012

Vonnegut Library Launches Literary Journal

The board of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, Indianapolis, Ind., has announced a new literary journal that will be published on Nov. 11, 2012. The date coincides with U.S. Veterans Day—sometimes still called "Armistice Day"—as well as the birthdate of the late Kurt Vonnegut. The journal will be titled "So It Goes," and the theme of the first issue will be "War and Peace."

Born Nov. 11, 1922 in Indianapolis, Kurt Vonnegut was a World War II veteran of the U.S. Army, a writer of cuttingly satirical fiction and other works, and an artist of whimsical and cartoonish graphics. Captured during the Battle of the Bulge, he used his experiences as a prisoner of war during the firebombing of Dresden, Germany as inspiration for "Slaughterhouse Five." The book is often categorized as science-fiction, and one of his most popular works.

Authors and artists are invited to submit poetry, creative nonfiction, short fiction, original artwork, and/or photography in keeping with the issue's theme. Deadline for either electronic or paper submissions is Aug. 15. According to the journal's Facebook page:
We will accept new and previously published work (simultaneous submissions are allowed with notification) and will credit the original publisher for previously published works. Submissions are limited to one work of prose (maximum 1,500 words) or up to five poems, photographs, and/or works of art. 
Please format with double space, use 12 point Times New Roman font, and include a cover letter with a brief biography. Questions may be directed to: SoItGoes@vonnegutlibrary.org.

We will accept both electronic and paper submissions. Upload your electronic submissions through http://kvml.submittable.com/submit. Send paper submissions to: 
The Vonnegut Library
So It Goes Submissions
340 N. Senate Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46234

Include a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage for response. Submitted materials will not be returned.
Release of the first issue of "So It Goes" will coincide with a free and public event also sponsored by the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library: “Veterans Reclaim Armistice Day: Healing through the Humanities" will take place Nov. 11, 2012 at the Indiana War Memorial Auditorium. The event is part of the 17th Annual Spirit and Place Festival.

According to the Vonnegut library event's website, the event is "to spotlight the importance of the arts and humanities to help veterans both heal from and understand better their experience of war [...]"

It continues: "The program will explore how the arts and humanities can help veterans cope with the trauma of war [...] Veterans, notable writers, performers, philanthropists, family members, and those who are simply grateful to take part in a day of artistic expression will gather for one day of healing for hundreds of veterans and their families [...]"

Donations of $7 in support of the Vonnegut library event are welcomed here. (In the “comments” section of the online donation form, specify the amount should go toward the Armistice Day event.)

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