28 November 2012

A Post-Thanksgiving Situation Report

There are plenty of leftover blog-blessings to count in this post-Thanksgiving haze. Forgive the short-hand, but I've been told that brevity is the soul of wit. Besides, I miss the push-to-talk button on my old Army radio.

Performed in the days leading up to Veterans Day, the first run of "Telling: Des Moines" went very well. It was a lot of work at the last minute, it was a great and humbling experience, and I was blessed to share the stage with a number of friends, both old and new. We hope to re-stage the work in Central Iowa sometime in spring or summer 2013. People laughed, they cried, it was better than "Cats."

Also in November, I was invited to participate in a Washington, D.C. conference titled "Common Ground: The Media, the Military, and P.T.S.D." Underwritten by The Robert R. McCormick Foundation; facilitated by the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan.; and held at the National Press Club. There were lots of insights and ideas bounced around the room.

During a quick lunch at the conference, I got to stop by the nearby Medill News Service offices, introduced myself to a few Military Reporters & Editors members there, and collected a handsome plaque.

More news: I have recently taken a full-time military-writing position with an undisclosed firm. I continue to wear Hawaiian shirts on a daily basis, although I am holding off on growing the required graybeard. One may be issued to me at a later date.

I don't plan to write about the mil-contracting gig here on the Red Bull Rising blog, but I can say it's nice to see some familiar faces on a more regular basis. I have officially returned to the ranks of the CAC-holders, and it's proving an opportunity to expand my writing skills into new territory. Nothing too sexy or strategic, mind you, but I am enjoying the new intellectual challenge.

Time, energy, and eyesight, on the other hand, are increasingly low in supply. The blog will have to find a new frequency, a new normal, a new battle rhythm.

Finally, I am pleased to report that an additional sponsor of the Red Bull Rising blog is pending announcement in December. Remembering, supporting, and celebrating our soldiers, veterans, and families—whether in writing or other ways—continues to attract fellow travelers, supporters, and practitioners.

Thank you for your continued readership. It looks to be a rather eventful 2013.

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