07 December 2012

Only 25 Writing Days Left Until JME 3 Deadline ...

The Journal of Military Experience, published on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kent., is currently accepting submissions for its third volume of creative fiction, non-fiction, scholarly writing, poetry, and visual arts.

Deadline for submissions is Dec. 31, 2012. Publication will take place in November 2013.

The mission statement of the journal reads:
Our goal in pairing scholarship, art, activism, and academic research is to encourage readers to reflect critically on both their own experiences as well as those shared in the journal; we hope to do that by providing our readership with essays which articulate provocative and useful theories and research for an audience as diverse as JME’s readership is: academics, soldiers, families of soldiers, and those affiliated with neither academia nor the military. 
Publishing all of this information in one place fulfills the practical purpose of allowing scholars to interact directly with the selfsame subjects they’re writing about, to allow a more transparent flow of communication among scholars, soldiers, veterans, and academics. This assures that veterans and soldiers have a say in the scholarship being written about them.
Selections from the first and second issues of The Journal of Military Experience are available free of charge at the EKU Encompass website.

Print back-issues are also available here and here.

Managing Editor Travis Martin recently offered writing insights on the Red Bull Rising blog here.

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