01 January 2013

Happy Fanoo Year!

Archer took a different duty assignment in the Iowa Army National Guard after he got home from Afghanistan, and I finally got a chance to visit him in his new digs last month. On his desk was one Jim Dandy of a display, a frilly Conquistador of Love. Apparently, it's a major award!

"It's the Fanoogie," he explained, all proud and sheepish at the same time. "I thought I was going to pass it off to a sergeant major at the last meeting, but he didn't show."

That's probably a good thing, because the Fanoogie Award notably lacks a Reflective Safety Belt. No doubt the good sergeant major can correct the discrepancy, once the statue changes hands. Every person to whom it is presented adds an individual piece of flair. Each recipient  adds his or her name to the F.N.G. log book.

"Fanoogie"? That's how the unit pronounces the acronym for "F'ing New Guy."

Or, if you prefer the family-friendly version: "Foolish New Grunt."

Happy Fanoo Year!

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