04 February 2013

Mil-blogger Adds New Voices to PTSD Site

A former M2 "Bradley" driver, Kentuckian Scott Lee is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm, an associate editor with The Journal of Military Experience, and founder of the blog "PTSD: A Soldier's Perspective," which he has written since 2007. After years of writing about his own experiences with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.), Lee says, the blog hit a something of a sweet spot. He realized he'd helped establish a community of people asking similar questions about everyday life with PTSD.

Lee describes how his blog has evolved from a mission of personal discovery, to one of mutual support, peer-mentorship, and even healing:
In the beginning, my blog was anything but healing, a lot of venting of anger and triggering others. I was all about shocking people by revealing my inner self. I still do that in some form, the graphic nature of our condition needs a similar style to make others understand through the use of metaphors. It wasn't until 2009 that it began to take on a healing message. It was in 2010 that I really started to notice the natural development of a mentoring system through working with other writers and caregivers on expressing themselves through blogging.
The blog's formal mission statement now reads: "to educate, support and engage Veterans and Caregivers."

Contacted by those caring for loved ones diagnosed with PTSD, Lee says, he was able to tell strangers what he'd previously forgotten or failed to tell his own friends and family. "It allowed me to say to them what I failed to tell my ex-wives and caregivers in the past," he says. "The insights drawn from my experience of two messy divorces offers help to others in navigating obstacle courses that derailed my life. Often I find myself in discussions [with caregivers and veterans] about why and how we think, feel, and act."

After a recent site redesign, Lee has been joined by a cadre of contributors, each offering his or her own voice and perspective regarding PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury (T.B.I.), and Military Sexual Trauma (M.S.T.).

Those contributing to Lee's blog include other alumni from The Journal of Military Experience and the 2012 Military Experience and Arts Symposium, including Travis Martin, Michelle Monte, and Angela Peacock, as well as others.

While the events they describe may have happened years ago, some of the featured personal narratives are immediate, brutal, and raw. These are stories of military service, sacrifice, and struggle, but they are the kind that too often remain untold. The public needs to see and hear the realities of these stories, just as much as those who face such challenges every day.

Lee's plain-spoken disclaimer, found on the front-page of his blog, attempts to put the truth-telling into context: "This site contains emotionally charged and graphic accounts of experiences concerning Military PTSD," it reads. "You may be triggered if suffering from a psychological injury and others may equally be affected!"

In addition to blogging, Lee pursues other writing interests in both fiction and non-fiction. In 2012, he assisted Heroes Fallen Studios' Clayton Murwin in interviewing Korean War veterans for an upcoming two-volume graphic novel, underwritten by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Lee also maintains a Facebook fan page for his PTSD-themed blog. Click here for more information.


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