29 July 2013

'Grimm Fairy Tales' Comic Benefits Wounded Warriors

"Grimm Fairy Tales Wounded Warriors Special" (Cover A) by Zenescope Entertainment

Grimm Fairy Tales
2013 Wounded Warriors Special
Cover A
Huey helicopters don't have three blades. Marines don't call themselves "soldiers." Still, while military veterans might get all kit-picky about some of the artwork and vocabulary, for the most part, this one-shot special issue of the comic book Grimm Fairy Tales hits the right targets. And it's aimed at a good cause.

The storyline features some familiar fast-tropes: Supernatural Good Gal "Sela" gets knocked out of commission on Page 8. Marines have to protect and evacuate her safely. Meanwhile, despite demon-powered hordes harking at the gates, a CIA operative debates the lead sergeant regarding what's at stake, and what it means to sacrifice.

In a must-read one-page editorial facing the story's end-page, Zenescope Entertainment President Joe Brusha double-taps the moral:
As a parent, I can barely imaging sending my child off to a foreign land to serve our nation, where they would be in almost constant peril. But countless families do that every day. Not all of those children come home. Some of those that do return come back with mental and physical injuries that no person should ever have to endure.
Proceeds from the $6.99 book will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. The issue first hit comic book store stands on Wed., July 24, 2013. The issue may also be available via Amazon and other online retailers. Digital download is available via Comixology.

Grimm Fairy Tales
2013 Wounded Warriors Special
Cover C
On a lighter note, I purchased the cheesecake pinup Cover A by Sean Chen and Ivan Nunes. Thanks to them, I will never look at flak jackets in the same way again. Had it been available at my local store, however, I might've opted for Jamal Igle and Simon Gough's equally blouse-popping Cover C, which features a fatigue-wearing Sela dropping the devil for push-ups.

"Drop and give me 20 eons"?! And you thought Boot Camp was hell ...


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