12 March 2014

Mil-Fiction Writers Flock to the 'Blue Falcon Review'

The editors of The Blue Falcon Review report that a cohort of some 30 military veterans is currently participating in an on-line writing workshop, in preparation for its second volume of short fiction. In the meantime, other writer-veterans can also submit to the volume, which will be published in November 2014.

The Blue Falcon Review is one of four on-line publications published by the Kentucky-based non-profit organization Military Experience & the Arts.

The name of the journal is a cheeky reference to a rather rude military slang term, describing a service member who seeks to gain favor or advantage over his or her buddies. In their natural environments, of course, Blue Falcons would presumably never flock together. Still, perhaps those gathered in the workshop can come up with an appropriately creative collective name for them, as in a "murder" of crows?

The Blue Falcon Review's staff includes Managing Editor Daniel Buckman, and associate editors Jerad Alexander and Amira Pierce.

Writers can submit original and previously unpublished work here. The publication acquires first-time and anthology rights, and is distributed free on-line.

Published last November, the first volume of The Blue Falcon Review is available as a free download here

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  1. Though completely insensitive, might I suggest the collective for Blue Falcons is a "rape."


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