09 January 2015

Muzzleland Press Aims for Afghan War-themed Fiction

Muzzleland Press, usually a publisher of "horror, weird, speculative, and alternative fiction, with a literary bent," is collecting short fiction pertaining to the 21st century war in Afghanistan. Plans call for the anthology, titled "Quiet Desert, Lonely War—Short Stories of the Afghanistan Conflict," to be published in late 2015.

There is no deadline specified for this project; submissions will be open until the anthology is filled. Word counts should be between 1,000 and 6,000. Any genre is acceptable, including literary fiction, horror, fantasy, and/or science fiction.

Payment to authors is either $15 or five contributor's copies.

Simultaneous and previously published submissions are acceptable, with notification.

The submission guidelines read, in part:
Veterans, translators, civilian contractors, military family members and friends—they all have a story to tell. If the first casualty in war is the truth, the truest way to tell a war story is through fiction. Stories of combat, homecoming, goodbyes, tragedy, comedy—anything related to the U.S.-Afghanistan conflict is welcome in this anthology.

All stories must have a setting, theme, or characters that relate to the Afghanistan War. Authors should have some relationship and connection to the war. Military veterans are especially encouraged to submit.
Questions may be directed to: editor AT muzzlelandpress.com

A website for the press is here.

A Facebook page for the press is here.

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