14 October 2015

'Consequence' Magazine Extends 2015 Contest Dates

Editors at Consequence Magazine have extended the deadlines of their publication's annual fiction and poetry contests to Oct. 31, 2015. The contests opened September 1.

In keeping with the annual magazine's mission, the contest guidelines read: "Entries must capture the nuances of the cultures and consequences of war; the topic is not limited to military operations, but includes social, political, cultural, and economic issues."

Entries will be judged anonymously, and all will be considered for publication.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, provided notification of acceptance elsewhere is timely and forthcoming. There is a $10 non-refundable entry fee, payable via PayPal.

The fiction category is to be judged by Jesse Goolsby, author of "I'd Walk with My Friends If I Could Find Them." Send new work up to 15 double-spaced pages in length.

The poetry category is to be judged by journalist and poet Tom Sleigh, author most recently of "Station Zed." Send up to three new works.

The magazine is anticipated to reopen for regular submissions starting Feb. 1, 2016.

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