06 March 2010

The Strength Behind the Strong

Friend-of-friends, mil-spouse, and former-Iowan Christine Hoffman-Bourque recently launched a blog that illuminates simple ways people can celebrate and support the troops. In her Valentine's Day inaugural post (nice touch, no?), she admits her "The Strength Behind the Strong" is a bit of a tongue-twister, but I'd rather learn to enunciate "TSBTS" than a whole pallet-full of less-useful military acronyms. Here's how she describes her reasoning, and her purpose:
Yes, the name of this website is a mouthful. I blame the military for that: I’m just worn out from being bombarded with — and perpetually befuddled by — military acronyms. So I went in the opposite direction: wordy and long, but clear in purpose.

The Strength Behind the Strong will spotlight imaginative and useful ideas for Americans who have loved ones in the military. We’ll tackle everything from the practical (tips on mailing care packages) and the patriotic (how to dispose of worn-out flags) to the celebratory (welcome-home party ideas).
Good luck and Godspeed, TSBTS. I look forward to lending you my voice and artillery fires as required.


  1. Right now I do milsupport for 3 guys and 1 gal and just picked up two new butter bars fresh out of the academy, but I can assure you I am no strength of anything. It is just a sense of respect and appreciation for what they are doing and knowing what it‘s like to be overseas with no mail coming in. Sending a few sweets, nuts, beef jerky and reading material doesn't take strength. Being a family with a love one in harms way takes strength. But I do like the emblem and the web site. Thanks for the link, Sherpa.

  2. Red Bull Rising, Your site is great! I've bookmarked you in my favorites. Thanks for the shout-out to my TSBTS website. Glad we reconnected!



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