05 March 2010

These Boots are Made for Climbing

Water-cooler conversations in the Red Bull armory this week are all about the prospects of fielding the "new" MultCam uniform. The Army has announced it will be issued to units heading to Afghanistan later this year. (That's us.) Also, the unit was specifically mentioned in news reports regarding MultiCam. Still, nobody working in Supply has seen anything official. Too early for that.

There are those of us who like the new pattern. There are those of us who hate the idea of yet another set of subdued patches (probably tan and brown, like those on the Desert Camouflage Uniform--the "DCU"), and of mixing-and-matching uniforms downrange. (When you're halfway between home and the other end of the world, what will you do with your "old" Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) uniforms when the Army issues you 100-percent "new" equipment? Just how many duffel bags does each soldier get?)

Still, it's fun to talk about. Sure beats trying to make sense of the latest military-political news, whether from Over There or Over Here. The latest tempest in a canteen cup here in Iowa? The Republicans and Democrats arguing about who is politicizing the troops more, following the governor's recent trip to visit Iowans in Iraq. 'Nuff said.

The MultiCam news just keeps giving and giving. News today was that there's a new "mountain combat boot," too. Of course, this is one week after I bought a new set of comfy, warm desert boots. (Early this year, I bought a new sage-green computer bag that will be the wrong color in the new MultiCam-verse.) Maybe I should threaten to buy a new car, in hopes that Uncle Sam will announce that every soldier gets a new tank for driving around town?

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