19 June 2010

Bring Your Units to Attention!

Later today, the 2-34 Brigade Combat Team (B.C.T.) colors will officially pass to Col. Ben Corell and Command Sgt. Maj. Joel Arnold in a small ceremony. The unit's headquarters and subordinate battalions continue to conduct Annual Training at Camp Ripley, Minn.

Earlier this week, the colors have been posted outside the brigade Tactical Operations Center ("TOC"). It was a windy day, and I managed to capture a decent picture.

According to U.S. Army Regulation 840-10, which regards "Flags, Guidons, Streamers, Tabards and Automobile and Aircraft Plates," the ceremonial flag that traditionally marks the position of the brigade commander on the battlefield is described as follows:
The flag has two vertical stripes of equal width with the shoulder sleeve insignia of the applicable division in proper colors, 10 inches high, above the number of the brigade in Arabic numerals 8 inches high, both centered on the flag. Named brigades of the division will use a monogram “AVN” or “ENG” in lieu of a number. The fringe is yellow. The first stripe of all brigades is red. The second stripe of armored and cavalry division brigades is yellow. The second stripe of airborne, infantry, and training or exercise division brigades is national flag blue. Numerals or letters on armored and cavalry division brigades are green. Numerals or letters on airborne, infantry and training or exercise division brigades are white.
The streamers, by the way, commemorate the unit's battles in: The Indian Wars, the Civil War, the War with Spain, the Philippine Insurrection, and World Wars I and II.

Godspeed Col. Corell and Command Sgt. Maj. Joel Arnold, and Godspeed the 2-34 BCT.

"Red Bulls, Attack!"

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