13 June 2010

The New Sound-off!

One of the ways new commanders make their marks is to change the unit motto or greeting. For years, members of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team (B.C.T.), 34th Infantry Division have greeted each other with the lower-ranking soldier saluting and sounding off with "On the objective!"

The reply was "Attack!"--an echo of the divisional motto, which is "Attack! Attack! Attack!"

Our new commander and command sergeant major have issued orders that the new sound-off will be "Red Bulls!" The reply will remain "Attack!"

I finally encountered Command Sgt. Maj. Joel Arnold while walking my 6-block commute to the Tactical Operations Center yesterday morning. I asked for clarification: Was the new salute "Red Bull" singular or "Red Bulls" plural?

He was in his full battle-rattle, and carrying his M-4 rifle at the ready, but the sergeant major shot me a look both flinty and amused.

"I'm saying 'Red Bulls,' with an 'S,'" he said, "because we're a team! 'Red Bull'? 'Red Bull' is an energy drink!"

Hoo-rah! Sounds good to me, sergeant major! 'Red Bulls' it is!


  1. Oh I LOVE your new Sgt Major :).

    Sounds like you are in good (and humourous) hands there Sherpa


  2. Sergeant Majors are totaly useless. (I don't have to worry, because very few read blogs becasue they are always looking for ways to annoy the working class soldiers.)

    When we were attached to the Red Bulls for SFOR 14- Bosnia (good times had by all)
    We would salute our Kali-Fornn-ya Guard officers and say "Red Balls" They would respond with "Kill, Kill, Kill"

    no wonder we pissed off so many folks from Minn.


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