11 March 2013

One Week Left to Enter Boonie's Mil-Haiku Contest!

This haiku contest,
like troops in Afghanistan,
has a timetable.

"Boonie's Haiku Contest," in which Red Bull Rising readers are encouraged to pen military-themed poems with lines 5-7-5 syllables each, today enters its last week. Deadline for entries is Mon., March 18, 2013. Click here for rules and ways to enter.

Looking for inspiration? Last week, a few entries were featured on the Red Bull Rising blog and at Tom Ricks' "The Best Defense" blog at Foreign Policy magazine!

Prizes include a $200 boxed set of "China Beach," an autographed and personalized copy of David Abrams' 2012 novel "Fobbit," and a "Blue Falcon" mug created by Doctrine Man!!

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