22 November 2013

New 'Pass In Review' e-Journal Seeks Military Writers

The "Pass In Review," a new quarterly online journal based in Chicago, seeks previously unpublished artistic works created by military veterans. Categories include: short fiction, poetry, visual art, and music. Submissions for the inaugural issue opened Nov. 1, and will close Jan. 1, 2014. Multiple and simultaneous submissions are allowed.

Editors plan to publish the journal as a free e-book on the organization's website, as well as via the Amazon Kindle Store.

The journal takes its name from a ceremonial practice of marching soldiers past a high-ranking official or dignitary. Despite the spit-and-polished name, however, profiles of the editorial staff read one part punchy, one part salty, and all parts been-there-and-done-that.

The editorial mission statement of the Pass In Review reads:
We believe that veterans from all conflicts, past and present, are misrepresented and are underrepresented in the artistic community. Our goal is to cast veterans in a new light by allowing the public to see their work and gain an understanding of the veteran's perspective.
The Pass In Review website is here. A Facebook page is here.

The publication "retains exclusive publishing rights for six months after the first publication. After six months has elapsed, the artist resumes full ownership of his/her work."

Submissions may be made via an online portal, which can be found here, along with general submissions guidelines. General guidance includes:
All types of artistic works are accepted and we encourage exciting and engaging works from artists of all ethnicities, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations and religious affiliations.

In our view, every topic is fair game, so we wholeheartedly encourage submitters to push the limits of their artistic abilities. Oftentimes, this might include very adult or dark topics. That being said, we will not accept works that fall into or contain the following categories: fan-fiction, erotica, racism/bigotry, personal rants or manifestos and any other extreme topic that does not fit within the context of the art.

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