15 January 2014

Be Resolved: Share Your Military Stories in 2014

With the blog now in its fifth year, the missions of Red Bull Rising continue to be:
  • To illuminate ways in which citizen-soldiers past and present--as well as their families--can be remembered, supported, and celebrate.
Often, pursuit of these missions means encouraging others to record and share their military experiences, whether in writing, in conversation or oral histories, or through the visual or dramatic arts.

On a recently revised and updated "Get Published" page, you'll find more than 10 venues through which to potentially publish your essays, fiction, photography, poetry, and more. Want to make a killer New Year's resolution? Promise to check out these publications, with an eye toward reading, writing, or creating something new to share with the world!

Venues discussed in more detail here include:
  • The Blue Falcon Review: A Journal of Military Fiction
  • Blue Nostalgia: A Journal of Post-Traumatic Growth
  • Blue Streak: A Journal of Military Poetry
  • The Iowa Review's Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award for Veterans
  • The Journal of Military Experience
  • O-Dark Thirty: The Veterans Writing Project journal
  • The Pass in Review journal
  • Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors
  • So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library
  • The Stone Canoe journal's Institute for Veterans and Military Families Award
  • The War, Literature & the Arts Journal

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