14 February 2014

Art Project Seeks to Re-brand the Word 'Veteran'

Using words and insights from his fellow military veterans, artist Sean Riordan seeks to take back and rebrand the word "veteran" from society's negative stereotypes. He calls his effort The Vet Project.

In the original 2013 iteration of the project, Riordan collected veteran and civilian quotes via re-purposed ammunition boxes he placed a Baltimore-area tavern. The effort resulted in thousands of contributions, which he synthesized into an 18-piece art installation that combined colored textiles and typography.

Now, through his Vet Project website, Riordan asks contributors to anonymously complete the sentence "Being a veteran is ..." He writes:
We're interested in your honest, unfiltered opinion on what it's like being a Veteran, based upon your own personal experiences.

Use one word to describe what being a Vet is to you, or write an essay. No minimum or maximum reply length. There are no wrong answers.
Any materials submitted are to be treated with respect and integrity, Riordan continues, and personal information will never by shared or published.

Visit The Vet Project website here.

For questions regarding The Vet Project, e-mail: VET@TheVETProject.com

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