28 February 2014

Podcaster Seeks Funding for Veteran-Suicide Series

Marine veteran, cancer survivor, and podcaster Timothy Lawson is seeking to crowd-fund a 12-episode series focusing on veteran suicide. "Many of my guests would not feel comfortable in front of a camera, nor do I think their stories would be best presented through print," he says in a Kickstarter video. "Podcasting is a great medium for this."

According to the project's Kickstarter page:
The title of this project is "1, 2, Many" because we have lost one too many service members this way without changing course in how we deal with the issues at hand. But it is also called "1, 2, Many" because the veterans battling depression and suicidal thoughts often hide their struggles; yet once we discover there is one person in our life who has been affected by this, we find that we know a second person, and a third, and many, many more.
Lawson, who is studying broadcast journalism at American University, Washington, D.C., calls the project a mix of journalism and story-telling. He also currently hosts three on-going podcasts, including one for Veteran Empire. "This isn't about the awareness, this isn't about the cause," he says on the Kickstarter video. "This is about giving the listener an audible experience, that will give them a better understanding ... that will make them feel more connected to the stories, the experiences, and the insights on veteran suicides."

Lawson is seeking $6,000 to complete his project, and would release the podcasts starting in June. As of this writing, he is nearly halfway to his crowd-funding objective. The Kickstarter window closes Wed., Mar. 19.

A Facebook page for the project is here.

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