11 April 2014

Sherpa's Personal Stash of Posts from 'The Sandbox'

A personal collection of Doonesbury and 34th Infantry 'Red Bull' Division memorabilia
From 2010 to present, I was fortunate to have my writing occasionally featured by Doonesbury's "The Sandbox," which I discussed in a blog-post earlier this week.

Until I attempted to summarize there what lessons I'd learned as a mil-blogger, however, I hadn't counted the number of times I'd been so blessed.

I would like to extend my thanks to Sandbox editor David Stanford for his constant good humor, light touch, and efforts to tell the citizen-soldier story in first-person, present-tense. I was shocked and awed when Stanford tallied my appearances there at more than 30 times!

As something of my own Sandbox archive, here's a round-up of Red Bull Rising blog-posts featured there, along with date of publication. The links point to The Sandbox versions of the blog-posts; some originally appeared on the Red Bull Rising blog under different headlines. I've also taken the liberty of creating a label for blog-posts that mentioned or were featured on The Sandbox.

'Scenes from a send-off ceremony'
***** 2010 *****

***** 2011 *****
'A hard turn at Najil'

***** 2012 *****

***** 2013 to present *****

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