02 July 2014

Deadly Writers Patrol Magazine Seeks Writer-Veterans

A Madison, Wis.-based group of writers is building nationwide bridges between Vietnam War-era service members and their younger counterparts, while also exploring in poetry and prose topics related to war and peace, military service, healing, and homecoming.

The Deadly Writers Patrol (D.W.P.) published its first literary magazine in 2006. In 2013, its ninth issue presented works by veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as those in Vietnam. (Back issues of Deadly Writers Patrol Magazine can be purchased for varying amounts ranging from $5 to $15 here.) The 2013 issue is 70 pages in length, and features the work of 15 military veterans and family members.

Editors are currently seeking submissions for the next issue. Deadline is Sept. 1, 2014.

"The Deadly Writers Patrol (DWP) Magazine always seeks writing by Vietnam vets, but we're also interested in engaging veterans and others affected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan," says Doug Bradley, a member of the group. Bradley is also author of the 2012 memoir "DEROS Vietnam."

"Their inclusion reaffirms a core belief of DWP: That writing can be a mirror reflecting the deepest corners of our spirits and psyches; that our writing can express the reality of suffering, and explore the possibility of healing. It can help us resolve problems and help achieve a deeper understanding of our common humanity. It can also bring us face to face with the parts of life that always will remain a mystery."

The magazine's editors welcome veterans' contributions of poetry, fiction, and more. Submissions by non-veterans should regard in some manner a theme of war or its effects. In addition to short stories and poems, past submissions have included excerpts from novels and memoirs, as well as personal essays.

Submissions should be sent via the group's website, or to directly to Bradley via e-mail: djbradle AT wisc.edu

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