31 May 2010

Remember ...

"This division in World War II had the distinction of being not only the first to land in the European Theater, but also had more days in combat (over 600) than any other, and accredited with capturing more than 40,000 prisoners. The division had 16,401 battle casualties. The 34th ranked second to none and stands high on the scroll of honor among the greatest fighting units that ever carried the stars and stripes into battle."

34th Infantry Division Memorial
dedicated Sept. 12, 1987, Camp Dodge, Iowa


  1. And I pray that no more names will be added to the memorial.

  2. Although I'm biased towards my long-time home unit, I'm certainly proud to be deploying with a unit that is both Iowa Guard and the possessor of a first-rate record of service.

  3. @ MauserMedic: Roger that. I'm a proud former "Hawkeye" patch wearer myself! That reminds me, I'll have to tell the story of how the two patches are related sometime. I think I'm falling off a bit on my amateur historian duties ...

  4. I have a MP helmet with the red bull decal on one side and maybe Hawkeye? on the other. I bought it from a surplus store in nebraska around 1958. It was green at one time, now white although a little rough paint condition wise. It has a leather chin strap and leather and canvas head band.


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