28 February 2010

The Kids are All Right

Just a quick anecdote today. Archer and I were talking over lunch one day, and I was sharing my concerns about potentially leaving 5-year-old Lena and nearly 3-year-old Rain for a year in Afghanistan. Archer and I are about the same age, but I started the family thing later in life than he. He's got a couple of teenage boys.

Archer tells me not to freak out too much, then hits me with some additional perspective. "The thing that gets me about teenagers," Archer says, "is that they've become their own people. I'll not only be leaving them as my kids, I'll be leaving them as my friends."

There's an oft-quoted war-chestnut that "soldiers don't go to war for their countries, they fight for their buddies." I don't envy Archer's dilemma, and I'm glad I don't yet have to walk in his boots.


  1. The children also serve. Thank you, Charlie AND family....

  2. At times, long ago, I hated to go to work and leave my daughter just for those few hours...but I cannot think of how hard it will be to leave your family for a year or longer. I know that takes something out of you, but I admire and appreciate the will and need to do it. Thank you, Sherpa!


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