09 February 2010

More Fortunes of War

Trooper was at school again last weekend, so Rhino, Sparts, and I couldn't re-create the greatness that was January's "Operation Fortune Cookie." During the January drill, the four of us went to a local grocery for cheap, hot, and immediate Chinese food. During the meal, we figured out how one should add the words "on the deployment" to the end of the phrase contained in your fortune cookie. A couple of us remembered playing a similar game, back in the day--a game in which one coyly adds the words "in bed." Tee hee.

Later that month, my kids Rain and Lena scored a haul of extra chocolate-dipped fortune cookies from Cafe Su, one of our family's favorite local bistros. I told them that Daddy Sherpa didn't need the cookies, but he did want the slips of paper within.

Thanks, Sherpets, for a "Fortunes of War" bonus-round! And the winners are ...
  • "Keep the promises you make ... on the deployment."
  • "Develop your critical edge ... on the deployment."
  • "You prefer to use your energy in cooperative ventures rather than alone ... on the deployment."
  • "Others admire your independence ... on the deployment."
  • "Others are drawn to your magnetic personality ... on the deployment."
  • "You will make your fortune with your friend ... on the deployment."
  • "Give a hug to someone who needs one more than you ... on the deployment." (?!)
  • "You will live a long time, long enough to open may, many fortune cookies ..." (To which I say: "Amen and roger that!")

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