18 February 2010

Red Bulls Returning, Part 3

Offering a potentially dark lining to the otherwise silvery cloud of Minnesota Public Radio's recent "The Red Bulls: Beyond Deployment" package was the last section of a story written to provide historical context. "Welcome home," read the headline, "... for now." (Italics mine.) Five paragraphs followed:
The latest Minnesota National Guard death came in October 2009, from Afghanistan. George Cauley, 24, of Walker, Minn., died from roadside bomb injuries.

The commander of the Minnesota National Guard, Adj. Gen. Larry Shellito, called Afghanistan a very dangerous place and said more Minnesota Guard troops will be deployed there.

During a recent appearance on Minnesota Public Radio's Midday program, Shellito did not offer much concrete information about future deployments to Afghanistan.

"It will be relatively significant in size. We anticipate they'll be working in the key sectors in Afghanistan," Shelito said.

There have been few specifics about the role the Minnesota National Guard will play in Afghanistan. All that has been officially confirmed is that 12 Guard soldiers will head there this spring to train Afghan troops.
So ... what are you trying to say, MPR? Why try to spook the cattle?

Part 3 of 3


  1. "called Afghanistan a very dangerous place"
    Well Duh... does your Governor also describe water as "wet"?!?

    [pleased to see that elected idiots are universal and not just inhabiting australia]

  2. A new RBR reader from Minnesota prompted me to check my sources, facts, and assumptions regarding the somewhat-ominous-sounding MPR coverage I mentioned above. I subsequently tracked down the MPR interview with Minnesota Adjutant General Larry Shellito print story was apparently partly based upon--and found the "recent" MPR radio interview quoted in this month's article occurred back in Dec. 8, 2009!

    Anyone watching the news knows how quickly things can change Over There. Given the context and the timing, I now think the MPR story is MORE than a little off-kilter ... at least, "for now."

    Here's the link to the Dec. 8, 2009 audio, just for the record: http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2009/12/08/midday1/


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