01 April 2010

The 15-kilowatt Cup Holder

Our unit's new Tactical Medium Shelter System (T.M.S.S.) trailers include both a 15-kilowatt, Tactically Quiet Generator (T.Q.G.) for powering our medium-size tent lights, but an Environmental Control Unit (E.C.U.) for heating and cooling. The manufacturer even threw in some de-luxury items, like a cup holder!

Now, if only the generator were powerful enough to run an espresso machine ...


  1. Are the coffee houses escaping the "Great Purge of 2010" then? Or should we start stockpiling the $tarbucks goodies for you now? ;D


  2. so that is what that hole is for. Thanks for that info.

  3. Save energy. Get coffee pouches, tear off the top and sprinkle the instant coffee in your mouth. Swish around and swallow...repeat until package is empty.


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