12 April 2010

The Sun Also Rises ... on Red Bulls

Saturday morning, first formation of the day. Our former first sergeant handed off the guidon, then was promoted to sergeant major. He'll be top operations dog in the Tactical Operations Center ("TOC") now, riding herd on all us TOC-cats.

The headquarters company commander--practically the lowest-ranking officer in our brass-heavy organization--told everyone to "form a horseshoe" and "take a knee," so he could read us the official "Red Bull" message about our mobilization dates. A day later, the Family Readiness Group (F.R.G.) rang down the telephone tree, to contact as many family members as possible. There are no surprises in the message. Last year's alert and the past week's rumor mill have taken all the drama out of the mobilization message.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single bootstep.

"On the Objective!"

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  1. Congrats on your Top getting promoted, but when are they going to recognize your brilliance and promote you to Sergeant General or something?


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