16 April 2010

Friday Ruminations and Bovine Blogging

File this mock-motivational poster under: "Things that make you go ... 'moo.'"

I recently found this Internet artifact printed out and posted on a National Guard office cube wall. I think it's funny, but I'm not entirely certain as to why. We were guests in this particular armory, using a different unit's classroom facilities. The unit that was hosting us wears the "Hawkeye" patch, rather than the Red Bull. Despite the usual good-natured (BBQ?) ribbing between the "chickenhawk" and the "grazing herd" crowds, however, I'm pretty certain that "Bovine Infantry" is NOT a reference to the Red Bull. Not even a little bit.

Know what I find laugh-out-loud funny, however? That a Google search for "Bovine" plus "Infantry" also turned up links to the 34th Infantry Division Wikipedia page. In Google, there may be truth.

Something else I found while hoofing around the Interweb? On at least one webpage, someone at Blizzard Entertainment has humorously mashed-up the storylines of its Starcraft and Warcraft real-time strategy games. Starcraft is "space marines vs. aliens," while Warcraft is "knights vs. orcs and zombies." So how did they mash them up? How about substituting beefy anthro-cow-morphic "Tauren Marines" for run-of-the-mill "Terran Marines"?

See the image below? Udder genius.


  1. LOL - I love that you are such a geek :)


  2. Our Brigade Special Troops Battalion (BSTB) is the unit that manages a lot of the highly specialized functions within the 2/34th Brigade Combat Team (BCT). That includes military intelligence, computer and communications, and combat engineer soldiers--which adds up to a geekish majority. (Engineers would not like to be called geeks, in the traditional sense. But they do like watching the Mythbusters blow stuff up.)

    When the 2/34 BSTB started up a few years ago, they got to choose their unit's radio callsign. They wanted something with a "Red Bull" flavor, but also something that was suitably obscure and arcane.

    Their callsign? "Minotaur."

    Blessed are the geeks.

  3. Heh... So I am guessing they only need panic if the counter-call sign of "Ariadne" is made ;D



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