06 April 2010

What a Dish!

My neighborhood association's property covenants were written before there was a publicly available Internet. The typewritten (kids, ask your parents) documents have been passed down from one board of directors to another, photocopy after photocopy after photocopy. They're full of arcane language, too. Take, for example, the provision against satellite TV dishes greater in size than 6 feet in diameter.

I like to say that my first military satellite dish was the size of a small radio-telescope. It certainly wasn't portable. And I remember when civilian TV dishes were nearly the same size. Nothing like the 18-inch Dish TV and Direct TV dishes that dot today's suburban landscape. As I get older, everything gets smaller and faster.

So, c'mon--isn't this the cutest little satellite dish you've ever seen? I have no idea what this one does or who it talks to, but it's sturdy and travel-size. Not only that, it demonstrates a compelling sense of retro-style. Woodland forest green with "chocolate-chip" camouflage accents? Don't you just want to take it home with you?

Operators are standing by ...

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